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Personal Hygiene Programme

Started 25 Feb 2022


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Personal hygiene helps keep us healthy, neat and clean. We will feel good about ourselves and give others a pleasant impression.

In this programme, you will learn what personal hygiene is and how to maintain personal hygiene.

Has Joel been practising good personal hygiene? Let's find out.

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Let's enrol on the programme to find out more.

This course is recommended for:

  • 11 years old and up

This programme consists of 3 courses:

In this programme, we will learn about:

  • How to recognise the importance of personal hygiene
  • Ways to maintain good oral hygiene, body hygiene, respiratory and hand hygiene

This programme is open for Pathlight School students to access.

Pathlight School students can enrol in this programme after signing in to


 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

Offered By

Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
daily-living-skills, dls, health, self-care, hygiene, respiratory-and-hand-hygiene, respiratory-hygiene, hand-hygiene, oral, respiratory, hand, oral-hygiene, taking-a-shower, shower, face, body, hair, clean, teeth, mouth, sneeze, nose-blowing, handwashing, face-mask, primary, upper-primary, secondary, lower-secondary, upper-secondary, vocational, vocational-track, vocational-junior, vocational-middle, vocational-senior, basic