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Securing Our Home



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Our home should be a place where we feel safe while doing things like eating, playing and resting. A great deal of that security is achieved by keeping our doors locked from intruders, and by keeping out strangers who try to trick us into giving them access to our home and valuables.

In this course, we shall learn how to lock our doors, respond to strangers, and who to contact for help in an emergency.

This course is recommended for:

  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Vocational

In this course, we will learn about:

  • Securing Our Door
  • How to Respond to Strangers
  • Getting Help in a Home Emergency

In this course, we will learn how to:

  • know how to lock and unlock our home's doors and gate
  • know how to respond to strangers and visitors to our home
  • identify what numbers to call for different types of emergencies and when to call

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 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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