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Recycling and Trash Disposal

Started 28 Oct 2021


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We generate trash daily and we also tend to accumulate items we no longer need or want. We need to know how to dispose of trash and unwanted items responsibly so that we do not create unpleasant living spaces for ourselves and the community.

In this course, we learn responsible disposal methods to create pleasant, safe, and healthy living spaces within the community.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Cleaning Out the Trash Bin
  • Proper Disposal of Food Waste
  • Proper Disposal of Bulky Items
  • Proper Disposal of E-Waste
  • Recycling and Donation of Unwanted Items

In this course, we will learn to:

  • properly dispose of trash and unwanted items
  • identify the proper trash disposal methods
  • identify items that can be recycled
  • select items that can be donated

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 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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