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Getting to Work on Time

Started 1 Jul 2019


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This course provides learners on the Autism Spectrum with strategies on how to plan and manage their daily routines to ensure they will arrive to work on time.

This course contains seven self-paced modules:

  • What is Punctuality
  • Planning What Time to Arrive at Work
  • Planning What Time to Leave Home
  • Planning What Time to Wake Up
  • Planning What Time to Sleep
  • Handling Unexpected Delays
  • Tools We Can Use

In this course, we will learn:

  • The importance of being punctual
  • How to plan sleeping, morning and travelling routines
  • What to do when there is an unexpected delay while travelling
  • How to use a tracking tool to help track daily arrival time for work and meetings/appointments

This online course is open for Pathlight School students to access.

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Employment & Employability Center (E2C)

 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

Offered By

Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
work-habits, employabiity-skills, empolyability-soft-skills, employability, employment, good-work-habits, positive-work-habits, time-management, secondary, upper-secondary, vocational, vocational-track, vocational-senior, intermediate

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