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Basic Kitchen Mastery Programme is a Programme

Basic Kitchen Mastery Programme

Self paced

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Full programme description

To be independent, it is important to learn how to prepare and cook food in the kitchen, safely.

In this programme, you will be introduced to common household appliances, kitchen safety practices, basic food safety principles, simple cooking methods, and how to clear and clean up after meals.

The last course in the programme, "Preparing Simple Meals", will need you to use all the knowledge you have gained in the other five courses, to be able to understand, complete and practice it.

Enjoy your learning and cooking journey!

This programme covers six courses:

  • How to use Common Household Appliances
  • Staying Safe in the Kitchen
  • Best Practices When Cooking
  • Cooking Methods
  • Cleaning up After Meals
  • Preparing Simple Meals

In this programme, you will learn:

  • how to use common household appliances correctly and safely
  • what is kitchen safety, and how to use cutlery, kitchen equipment and utensils safely
  • some basic knife skills to help you prepare simple meals
  • what are the best practices when preparing and cooking food
  • what some common and quick cooking methods mentioned in recipes look like
  • how to handle leftovers, clear and clean the dining table, and clean and put away dishes and utensils
  • what is My Healthy Plate and how to read a recipe
  • some simple recipes that you can practice with

This online programme is open to Pathlight School students. You will need to complete all six courses, in sequence, to be awarded the Certificate of Completion. This is a self-paced programme, but it is suggested that you complete it within three months.

Pathlight School students can enrol in this programme by clicking on the green Enrol button.



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