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Mathematics for Life is a Course

Mathematics for Life

Started Nov 3, 2017

Apologies. Enrolment period currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This course introduces learners to basic mathematics concepts explained using video demonstrations.

This course is organised into four domains:

  1. Numbers and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics
  4. Mathematical Processes

Students can master mathematical concepts and solve mathematical problems by engaging in hands-on learning experiences using concrete objects and visual representations of mathematical concepts.

At the end of this course, we will learn how to:

  • Master the key mathematical concepts using concrete objects and visual representations
  • Solve mathematical problems using numbers and symbols

This is an online course for Pathlight School students. To take this course, you’ll need to be a student of Pathlight School.

Pathlight School students can Login to eCampus using their eCampus account to access and enrol in the course.


Dr Yeap Ban Har

Director of Curriculum
& Professional Development,
Pathlight School

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