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Using the Toilet (Females) Programme



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In this programme, we will learn what are public toilets, what are the things we can find in public toilets, how to find the correct toilet, and how to use the public toilet for females.

This course is recommended for Junior Years (7 – 10 years old) and above

This programme consists of 2 courses:

In this programme, we will learn:

  • The difference between home and public toilets.
  • Where to find public toilets.
  • About items commonly found in public toilets.
  • The different names for public toilets.
  • The common names used for public toilets for males and for females.
  • The toilet symbols and pictures used for public toilets for males and for females.
  • What the toilet sign looks like.
  • About directional signs and how to read them.
  • About arrows pointing to the public toilets and what they mean.
  • How to get help to find the public toilet.
  • Why we should keep the public toilet clean.
  • The proper way to use a public toilet.
  • When to use the toilet.
  • Good toileting habits: before using the public toilet.
  • Good toileting habits: when using the public toilet.
  • Good toileting habits: after using the public toilet.
  • How to tell parents before going to the toilet.
  • How to ask for permission when with teachers.

This programme is open for Pathlight School students to access.

Pathlight School students can enrol in this programme after signing in to


 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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