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Meal Planning



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Most of us lead busy lives. Whether it’s family, school or work, there are many things we need to plan for and take care of. Our meals are one of these things. As an independent individual, it is important for us to understand and learn about meal planning so we do not always have to rely on others.

This course will cover the steps involved in simple meal planning - deciding what we want to eat, determining the ingredients we need to prepare, and planning the grocery shopping list to buy the ingredients we do not have.

This course is recommended for:

  • Middle Years (11 – 14 years old) and above

In this course, we will learn about:

  • Planning Our Meals.
  • Creating a Master Ingredients List.
  • Making a Grocery Shopping List.

In this course, we will learn to:

  • Plan our meals.
  • Identify and list down the ingredients we need to prepare.
  • Create a grocery shopping list for the ingredients we do not have.

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 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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