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Changing Batteries is a Course

Changing Batteries


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A battery is an item that is used to power electronic devices both at home and outside of home. When batteries run out, electronic devices relying on it for power stop working.

In this course we shall learn more about batteries and how to replace them when they run out of power.

In this course, we will learn how to replace electric light bulbs in our homes safely.


This course is recommended for:

  • Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Vocational

This course will cover:

  • The types of batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery terminals
  • Locating the battery bay and removing the battery bay covers
  • How to remove and insert batteries
  • What to do when a battery leaks

In this course, we will learn:

  • different types of batteries
  • to identify the different ends (terminals) of a battery
  • to remove and insert batteries
  • to handle leaking batteries safely

This online course is open for Pathlight School students to access.

Pathlight School students can enrol in this course after logging in to Learn for Life eCampus.



 Autism Resource Centre (S)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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