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Visiting a Community Club

Started 22 Nov 2021


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Community clubs (CCs) have many different facilities for members of the public to use.

In this course, we will learn what are the facilities available in the community clubs and how to book for the facilities as well as sign up for a course organised by CCs.

This course is recommended for middle year (11-14 years old) and above.

In this course, we will learn about:

  • Community Clubs (CCs) in Singapore
  • How to sign up for a course
  • How to book facilities in CC
  • Things to note when attending a course at CC
  • Things to note when using a facility at CC

In this course, we will learn to:

  • define and locate a community club
  • search for information on facilities and courses available in community clubs
  • describe the steps to book for a facility
  • describe the steps to register for a course
  • explain the things to note when attending a course at the community clubs

This course is open for Pathlight School students to access.

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 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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