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Getting Around is a Course

Getting Around

Started Mar 7, 2017


Full course description

Unsure about using public transportation? Need guides to use the bus and MRT? This course will help you gain an understanding of what you can do to get from one place to another, safely and successfully.

This course is organised into five modules:

  1. Essential Information for Getting Around
  2. Pedestrian Safety
  3. Taking the Bus
  4. Taking the Train (MRT)
  5. Taking the Taxi

These five modules will address the key challenges that some people may face when taking public transportation. There are also useful tips on how to demonstrate consideration to others and how to stay safe when travelling.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • the key steps and instructions on how to take public transportation
  • what are some of the considerate behaviours when using public transportation
  • what are some of the safe¬†behaviours to ensure a safe ride to your destination
  • when and how to request for help
  • how to cross¬†the road safely with the help of road crossings such as traffic lights, zebra crossings, overhead bridges and underpasses

This course is available to all Pathlight School students.

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