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Was Singapore an Accidental Nation?

Started 31 Jan 2019


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This course brings us on a learning journey to explore and discover the history of Singapore. We will encounter the stories of people who lived in the past, and how their lives and experiences played a role into the independence of Singapore.

This course covers two modules:

  • People’s Perceptions Before, During and After Japanese Occupation
  • Aspirations After 1945 – Road to Independence

Students will learn:

  • people’s views towards Singapore before the Japanese Occupation
  • how people’s experiences during the Japanese Occupation and post-war British rule affected people’s views towards Singapore
  • how people’s views towards Singapore changed or remained after the Japanese Occupation
  • the different aspirations of the various groups of people in Singapore after 1945
  • the constitutional developments in Singapore after 1945
  • to identify the role of global forces in influencing political developments in Singapore
  • how the different political parties and their proponents sought to gain support from the people in their struggle for independence

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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