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The Mole is a Course

The Mole

Started 5 Feb 2020


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This course is a basic introduction to "The Mole", a basic unit of measurement used in stoichiometry (the quantitative study of chemicals).

This course contains three modules:

  • Atoms and Relative Atomic Mass of Elements
  • Relative Molecular Mass and Relative Formula Mass
  • What Is a Mole, Avogadro’s Constant and Chemical Formula

Students will learn to:

  • define relative atomic mass (Ar)
  • define relative molecular mass (Mr)
  • calculate relative molecular mass (and relative formula mass) as the sum of relative atomic masses
  • calculate the number of moles of substances in a reaction.
  • calculate the volume of a gas at room temperature and pressure.
  • calculate the concentration of solutions in g/dm3 or mol/dm3

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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