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Mathematics for Life

Started 3 Nov 2017


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This course introduces learners to basic mathematics concepts explained using video demonstrations.

This course is organised into four domains:

  1. Numbers and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics
  4. Mathematical Processes

Students can master mathematical concepts and solve mathematical problems by engaging in hands-on learning experiences using concrete objects and visual representations of mathematical concepts.

At the end of this course, we will learn how to:

  • Master the key mathematical concepts using concrete objects and visual representations
  • Solve mathematical problems using numbers and symbols

This is an online course for Pathlight School students. To take this course, you’ll need to be a student of Pathlight School.

Pathlight School students can enrol in this course after logging in to


Dr Yeap Ban Har

 Director of Curriculum, Pathlight School

Offered By

Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
academics, academic-bridging, math, mathematics, addition, making-ten, multiplication, multi-digit-calculations, fractions, decimals, subtraction, double, multiply, whole-numbers, number-operations, primary, lower-primary, upper-primary basic,

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