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Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Started 3 Feb 2020


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This course is a basic introduction to organic chemistry, the study of compounds containing the element carbon.

This course contains five modules:

  • About Organic Chemistry
  • Homologous Series
  • What is Petroleum
  • Fractional Distillation of Petroleum
  • Uses of Petroleum Fractions

Students will learn to:

  • define hydrocarbon.
  • define homologous series.
  • describe an homologous series as a group of compounds with a general formula, similar chemical properties and showing a gradation in physical properties as a result of increase in the size and mass of the molecules, e.g. melting and boiling points; viscosity; flammability.
  • state the functional group for different homologous series such as alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and carboxylic acids.
  • name organic compounds given the structural formula.
  • draw structural formula for organic compounds.
  • describe petroleum as a mixture of hydrocarbons.
  • name natural gas and petroleum as sources of energy.
  • describe the fractional distillation of petroleum.
  • name the petroleum fractions and state their uses.

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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