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Chemical Bonding

Started 3 Feb 2020


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In this course, we will learn how to draw electron structures for ionic and covalent compounds, as well as understand the electronic configuration of a noble gas.

This course contains three modules:

  • Drawing Electron Structures of Ions
  • Draw Dot-and-Cross Diagram for Ionic Compound
  • Draw Dot-and-Cross Diagram for Covalent Compound

Students will learn to:

  • describe the stable configuration of a noble gas
  • describe the formation of positive ions (cations) and negative ions (anions) to achieve the electronic configuration of a noble gas
  • draw electron structure of the ions
  • name and state formula of common polyatomic ions such as NH4+, OH- ,CO32-,NO3- ,HCO3-, SO42- and PO43-
  • define valency
  • write chemical formula of ionic compound and covalent compound
  • draw a dot-and-cross diagram for ionic compounds and covalent compounds.

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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