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Atomic Structure

Started 3 Feb 2020


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In this course, we will make use of a model to study the structures of atoms so that we can better understand it.

We will also learn how to draw an electron structure of an atom to describe atoms containing the protons and neutrons in nucleus and how electrons are arranged in the electron shells.

This course contains five modules:

  • Atomic Model
  • Proton and Nucleon Number
  • Isotopes
  • Electron Arrangement in an Atom
  • Drawing Electron Structures of Atoms

Students will learn to:

  • state the relative charges and approximate relative masses of a proton, a neutron and an electron
  • define proton (atomic) number and nucleon (mass) number
  • interpret and use symbols of elements in the Periodic Table
  • deduce the numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons in atoms given proton and nucleon numbers
  • define isotopes
  • draw the electron structure of an atom to describe atom containing protons and neutrons (nucleons) in the nucleus and electrons arranged in shells (energy levels)
  • write the electronic configuration of an atom with reference to electron structure

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Offered by: Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
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